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Gjon Mili


I’ve had a busy last year with art group Genetic Moo – not a long exposure project but some of our documentation has been. (Have you tried documenting video installations?)

It’s Alive – Genetic Moo 2010 – Old Vic Tunnels

I’ll be rebooting this blog and looking at what happened or didn’t happen with my long exposure project, catching up on rapid prototyping, and other 3d inclined technologies and digging out relevent artists.

But I thought I would start by putting up a few more Gjon Mili images which I had lying around. As a major long exposure photographer of the 20th century. He was lucky enough to work with Edgerton and pioneered the use of flash and strobe photography. He produced images for LIFE magazine for over 40 years and typically was interested in revealing the inner ‘beauty’ of motion. He often photographed dancers, actors, sportmen or other skilled movers (including Picasso doing what is now called Light Painting). He even had a go at Duchamp’s Nude. So his work raises a question – is it only the few who move beautifully?