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The main focus of the blog is the artistic depiction of motion, covering my own and others work, both historical and contemporary. In particular it focuses on attempts to record motion across or over time – which I call long exposure art

This blog was initiated to document a Digital Art MA at Camberwell College of Art from 2007 to 2009. Having successfully completed the MA, I will be continuing to research this topic and post my latest results here.

The posts below are sorted by subject matter:

List of various long exposure practitioners
3d Zoetropes
Peter Jansen
Alexey Titarenko
Cyril Power
Medardo Rosso
Nathan Wade – Serial Cyborg
Justin Marshall
Filippo Masoero
Cardboard, paper & papier-mache
Geoffrey Mann
Futurism Exhibition at Tate Modern
Annie Attridge
Georgia Rodger
Estorick Collection Exhibition – On The Move
Kinetica 2010
Ben Lapovsky Oscillons

3D printers
Second Life
Lomo Supersampler

Block Universe
Bergson vs. Marey
Motion Lines



MY ART – Long Exposure Sculpture
Man touching his toes
Step Up
The artist falling off a plinth 1
The artist falling off a plinth 2
My Olympic Bid
The artist vaulting over a balcony
Vaulting 2
Vaulting 3
Installing Vaulting on Tower block Balcony
Repetitive Strain Injury construction
Repetitive Strain Injury Photos

Xhibit09 Photos

Pixel man
Pixel man 2
Pixelman, the good the bad

summer – walk + run
Golem 2

Poser + Rhino
Telesculpture marathon
watertight STL
Poser to Rhino
Nude man walking
simplifying meshes
Poser Graphs

MY ART – Long Exposure Photography
NUnhead Open 6
How unoriginal
Long Exposure Photography

MY ART – Long Exposure Video
fight cloud
MA forum video
Video Processing
Symposium Video

MA 2007-2009

Hello camberwell
MADA1 – project proposal
MADA1 – presentation
MADA1 – reflections
MADA2 – contextualization + report
500 keywords – Continuous vs. Discrete
3D Discussion Day UWE
3D discussion day UWE 2
Falmouth Summary
End of Year Show Plan A
MADA3 – Resolution = Artist statement + reflection + Symposium + Assessment Links
MA Show photos



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