Iavor Lubomirov

I discovered another long exposure artist on the net, this time working with layers of paper to make an amazing piece called ‘In Hind Sight’.

Iavor describes how he started with a video of two dancers and then…

“… traced the performers’ outlines from each frame of the film onto a sheet of 300gsm Fabriano Watercolour paper and then cut this out using a scalpel. I assembled (glued) the individual pieces inside a simple frame I constructed for the purpose. There are 850 layers in the sculpture, which at 24fps is just over half a minute of movement. It took me just over two years of working on and off on this to complete the process. I used about 200 blades (standard 10a) and worked with 2 handles in rotation.”

Here is another angle, the piece is less than 20*20*20cm.

Iavor has also displayed an intagliio print of the cutting map used for this mammoth operation, thus adding a further layer of time and compression.

O#1 (Time and Time again) Detail
Intaglio Print (Edition of 20)

His work is currently on display at the Angus-Hughes gallery London E5 until May 2011 and you can find more about that show and his other projects on his website.


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