Double Vision

A lot of these type images have appeared on the net recently,

This one is Uma Thurman with doubled features designed as an optical illusion. I suppose because of the giddiness it induces it shows how the layout of the human face is hard wired into the brain and mixing up this layout causes confusion.

Anyway it reminded me of a Welsh artist called Evan Walters who was trained at Swansea art school. He started out as a traditional figurative artist with some success but by the 30s was experimenting with his own very personal response to Modernism and Cubism’s idea of a fractured perspective in particular.

(Stout Man With Jug)

Walters developed an unconventional and unique approach which he called his ‘double vision’ paintings where he closed one eye at a time and literally combined the two images that he could see with either eye into a single painting or drawing. He called this his totality of vision and suggested other artists should do likewise. They didn’t. His popularity declined.

Although not strictly long exposures, Walters work offers an unusual approach to capturing objects in space. Essentially he was attempting to create 3D images.



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