Repetitive Strain Injury

I’ve constructed the latest model, sitting on the right below.


Here are some images from the construction process.

First the slices are enlarged through projection so that the size of the pieces fits with the scale I’m working with – in this case to sit on a small chair I bought I needed the bottom to be 30 cm off the floor.


The outlines are traced onto large cardboard sheets (6mm thick). The double ply corrugated card was bought from this packaging company


These are cut out by hand – for this model about 200 parts.


And glued together using PVA adhasive. To get the pieces to match accurately I mark them on each side with alignment lines as can be seen well on the foot.


The work here is like building a huge puzzle.


All of the processes above are liable to inaccuracy as they are dependent on variations in cardboard thickness and warp. Also the process I use is fairly quick – a day for this whole process, so the finished model will not be as objective as I initially planned – but given the abstraction in the voxelisation method (discussed previously) I think spending too long here to maintain accuracy would be inappropriate. The papier-mache outer skin, to come, will also increase the abstraction by a huge step.


3 Responses to “Repetitive Strain Injury”

  1. yearzerowriters Says:

    I got RSI when I worked on the checkout at Tesco’s.

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