Poser Graphs

I’ve been working on a new model called Repetitive Strain Injury. Last year while over-using the computer my shoulder started aching, so I’d exercise it, in a circular action, which it struck me would make a good model.

Using Poser and manually trying to make the circle proved difficult as you can Twist, Side-Side or Bend each limb. It is rarely obvious which way the mouse will move each limb as you are doing this in 3d and the motion often becomes a jerky mess.

The solution was to use the Poser Graphing Tools. Rather than manually moving the limbs through a flight path you can create anchor points and then apply Bezier curves to these to get smooth motions. To create a circular motion I had to square off two sin waves in the side-side and bend for the right shoulder.

Because limbs in Poser are connected, moving one thing alters another and the head above was unsatisfactory (but more realistic). So I went in again and artificially graphed the head from Side-Side and removed the Twist and Bend. This gave the visual effect I wanted.

After doing this I realised I was allowing aesthetic decisions to supercede realism. Given the projects shortcomings in this department why not go further and play around with the possibilities of these graph tools – creating smooth motions which would be impossible to achieve as a mere human. Perhaps a series of superheroes exercising…?


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