Over summer I saw this impressive piece by Georgia Rodger, a performance artist and sculptor at the Peckham Carpark show Field of Sets. It works as a ginormous music box (you can see the metal prongs at the bottom).

The piece also references the chronophotography of Muybridge.Typically in art books the story is that Muybridge took on a bet to prove that a galloping horse completely leaves the ground at certain points (which he did in cells 2/3 below).

Muybridge’s other stated aim was to provide artists with accurate anatomical reference shots of humans and animals in motion so that unfortunate efforts like the one below by George Stubbs would be avoided.

Rodin famously rallied “It is the artist who is truthful and it is photography which lies”, but in vain. These days artists take whatever they can get.

More of Georgia’s fascinating work can be seen on her website.


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