Geoffrey Mann

Geoffrey Mann is a Scottish Product Artist who graduated from the RCA a few years back. He has received a lot of acclaim for his Long Exposure models which share some similarities with mine but are rendered out of porcelain, plastic and glass. Geoffrey takes a film of a motion (usually moths or birds in flight) and then traces out each frame as a silhouette. These shapes are then passed into a 3D modelling package and are joined together to form a continuous model, these are then rapid prototyped and then cast in a fine material. By reducing the motion to slices he avoids all problems with watertightness and bad meshes. I should thank Geoffrey, whose work I discovered at the beginning of the course, and whose name long exposure sculptures I also used, as it was the most simple and effective way to describe what I’m trying to do. It is interesting that like Peter Jansen, Geoffrey has chosen to place these forms mainly within a craft & design context, something my hulking cardboard models are not suited for.

Flight Takeoff

Nocturne moth, Long Exposure series, Nylon, 2009

More recently Geoffrey has started to look at human forms in motion. This one is a forward hand spring of a gymnast friend of his, rapid prototyped in polymer.

Geoffrey has recently expanded his website with lots of great images and magazine articles.


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