Filippo Masoero

Masoero was a post war Futurist who used to enjoy hanging from aeroplanes photgraphing cities. After this MA (which concentrates on humans in motion) I’d like to start making images of London in motion.

These would use grabbed video footage (and i’m particularily interested in the new HD video cameras which can capture up to 600 frames per second at lowish resolutions), and then combine the video frames into a single merged abstracted image. The program and algorithms to do this would form a part of my broader Voxelisation project. As the resolution of these grabs is low and i’m aiming to make high resolution digital prints one idea is to spread the pixels out over a larger target frame size – thus the element of time would be contained in yet a different way in the 2d image. A clue to the technique can be seen in Balla’s violinist at the Estorick collection where each hand is made up of a series of small colored flecks.

The idea is to capture the vortex that is a city, as seen in Masoero’s photo, but to localise the blurring to the parts which move more, as opposed to below where i’ve crudely Zoom filtered a shot of Liverpool Street in Photoshop.


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