End of Year Show Plan A

All along the aim of this project has been to display a life size full color sculpture of a particular action sequence. Finally (with 2 months to go) I can see my way to this goal. I’m planning on making the following piece, working title ‘The Artist Vaults’:

I’m estimating that this will take 2-3 weeks to build, as the ‘Step’ piece took 2 days. The method will be similar but scaled up.

Poser->Voxeliser.java->Cardboard slices->Papier-mache->Acrylic paint->Fire retardant spray

The main remaining problem is exactly how to break the sculpture into sections which can be joined to form the finished piece. The cardboard sheets I’m using (size 1000*850 mm) will determine this to a large extent. The sculpture will have to be designed to both join together and split apart reasonably easily, as hopefully the work will be shown on future occasions after the EOYS.

To test the sectioned method I’m making a second model – ‘The Artist Falls’, which is even larger, in the next 3-4 weeks. I’m intending to submit this piece to the Threadneedle Figrative Prize which has a submission deadline of June 1st. I need three photos to send to them, so will build the model , document it, and then break it apart. If they accept it then I’ll need to re-assemble it some time in September. In the meantime – space depending – I may also show this model in the Large Hall upstairs, which I understand will be a cinema space – but which will have empty space, a lot of it, at the back.

Both these spaces are near to each other which is good. In the cinema space the piece will have to be spot lit, which will be an interesting challenge.


As my project is tripartite, I had intended to show a long exposure photograph, a video and a sculpture.

I’m experimenting on a very long print idea – based on me walking in circles around Peckham Rye. This is where William Blake famously had a vision of an angel, so I may be flapping my wings or some reference to that. The ideal, space for this would be the ground floor corridor leading to the Digital Arts part of the show. Currently this space is unused.
Here’s some images from a test film. I’ll be manipultaing these and thousands of others with java code into a single very long image (10m plus?) which i’d like to print onto a continuous roll of printing paper. I’ve talked to the print technician and he thinks this should be possible, overnight, and will only charge for the ink. Whether I go ahead depends if I can make the image interesting enough.

I’d like to show the interactive processing driven ‘Tracer’ piece which I unsuccessfully presented at the Feedback show, as this simply reflects the method behind all my work – of tracing a passage of motion in space. Whether there is any room for this is another question, perhaps showing more than a couple of works is overkill, but it is part of the title of my project, and if there is free space then why not? It is important that the show is as professional as possible and shows the full range of what I can make in a traditional artistic sense.

I’m working with Susana, Zai and Simon to try and fit the 18 digital artists together in the basement (and elsewhere) as best as possible. We’ve come up with a loose thematic progression from room to room – from seriously challenging to playfully interactive via a disorienting room of signs.


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