Man Touching his Toes

Here are some images of my latest model. The process used was:

1) model a man touching his toes in Poser
2) export out 30 frames as OBJ files
3) run on data to get boundaries of all 30 OBJs
4) run to convert the object into a series of 100 Y slices on a BMP.
5) run to add a central square to use for aligning slices
5) project individual slices onto 6mm corrugated cardboard and trace outlines
6) cut out and assemble model (height 60cm)

I was really pleased with the final model, i didn’t check the union of the 3d files before making it so was suprised by the organic final shape.

The model doesn’t stand on its own feet so in the future i’ll need to consider how to fix that.
It took 2 days to build, but i think the process could be scaled up OK. A lifesize model would take maybe 2 weeks solid. I’ll be making several more of these at this scale – i’m interested to see what happens when you smoothly coat the surface – in paint or tissue, so i can color the models.

The shape was informed by a long exposure photograph which is a quick and easy way to get an idea for a shape:


3 Responses to “Man Touching his Toes”

  1. Aidin Baftechi Says:

    i like you idea to shape a motion to a solid sculpture , but i didn’t get a point , how did you find a real boundaries of the shape of each layer , did you use more than one camera to make a 3D object of the whole shape , i mean specially the hole you get out of the shape between the body and the arms .

  2. timpickup Says:

    The action is modelled in Poser and then exported as a sequence of OBJ files. These are parsed into a 3d voxel grid, which is then printed out in slices. There are more detailed explanations throughout this blog.

  3. Jill Bourner Says:

    Only just come across your work and I really like these organic forms without it being spelt out by smoothing and painting. It leaves the viewer to work out what’s going on.

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