23_Nude man walking

I’ve been using Magics in combination with Rhino which seems fine – the weak link is Poser. There have been 7 versions of Poser, each one improving the resolution and detailing and versatility of the figures that come included. The trouble is that each new version adds more and more spurious junk to the models which add to the realism of a 2D render, but which are a big headache in terms of things like Bad Edges, Naked Edges, Overlapping triangles, etc. Clothing in Poser is also a problem which i’ll need to look at in greater detail. Here’s an example of how fiddly some of the clothes are:

The red marks are bad edges in Magics – the yellow shows the complexity of the laces (made up of 3 thin tubes) in Rhino. I could care less – but i haven’t yet found an easy way to remove them (apart from manually bit by bit, and doing this for perhaps 300 figues – assuming a 10 second animation – will not be fun!), alternatively Poser doesn’t offer me a simpler shoe – or i can’t find one yet. there is a massive Poser community which sells each other models – but it’s kind of frightening unless you are looking for 6 inch stilettoes.

For now i’m just trying to find a pipeline that is reasonably quick to achieve. I don’t mind spending 1 day to make a test model, but not a week. So i’ve reluctantly abandoned clothes for now – the nude models are much easier to work with. However each Poser version brings it’s own problems – from Jame’s bloody finger-nails, to Don’s mis-fitting genitalia and P4’s extraneous eye lenses:

After a days experimentation i finally settled on P2 nude man (Hi resolution) – this is from version 2 of Poser (currently at 7). In this version the head is a single mesh (so no teeth and tongues to worry about), and so are the hands and feet. I cleared all previous settings and tried to make a watertight boolean of the first 5 images from a walking on the spot sequence, as i’ve used before. I timed myself to see if this was practicable. The image below which is watertight (and only blemished by 4 overlapping triangles which refused to budge but which i think RP machines can deal with) took 24 minutes to put together. So the whole sequence which i’ll do tomorrow should take about 2 hours – 3 on the safe side. i’m not particularily pleased with the look of it so far but we will see. At least i will have a model i can send to the RP Bureau’s and the college technician to see what sort of price they will charge to make it up to about 10cm high.

I like the way the small figure above left seen face on looks at first pretty normal until you walk past it . I also like the way you can see the 4 noses breaking through the ‘top’ face – these are a couple of potentially disturbing effects which might make this piece stronger.

There may be a problem evident on the chest where the number of ‘sharp’ triangles looks like it needs to be dramatically culled:

By the way despite all these problems working in 3d modelling with human figures is great fun – exploding meshes patching holes and all.


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