22_3d Zoetropes

Matt Collishaw is currently showing at the Haunch of Venison Gallery. Outstanding was the Throbbing Gristle piece which updates the zoetrope into three dimensions using a combination of Rapid Prototyping and Strobe Lighting.

The zoetrope was about 2 metres across – pretty spectacular as a mechanical display. The blacking out every second is not part of the piece just the effect of my camera’s shutter speed not synchronising with the strobe speed in the gallery.

I don’t know the specific RP process Collishaw used but the figures had that kind of powdery finish – but once they animated this was irrelevent. The fantasy minotaur and wolf are available in the Poser community. In the catalogue it says “Collishaw comments on the mechanised action of human procreation; we reproduce like animals and automatons…” – i like that.


This reminded me of another zoetrope piece by Tim Lewis i saw at the Serpentine gallery a couple of years back. Lewis’s figure was just a running man, again using a rapid prototyped hamster wheel.


2 Responses to “22_3d Zoetropes”

  1. peter hudson Says:

    hi tim,
    i too have been employing the 3d zoetrope to explore motion time and space. i do not use computers to make my models, but life sized bodycasts to achieve my effects. my art is also interactive, in that if you don’t work the piece doesn’t work.
    my most ambitious piece was 2007’s “homouroboros”
    check it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEW6yosg-0w

  2. peter hudson Says:

    check out the evolution of my art at http://www.hudzo.com/phbio.htm

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