20_Peter Jansen

I’ve recently been contacted by a Dutch artist called Peter Jansen. He has already done my project!

I’m really impressed.

The bronze above was made in 2006 – since then Peter has been working to perfect his technique and in April this year exhibited a range of new pieces at the Design Fair in Milan. The polyamide models are about 20 cm high, made using rapid prototyping. Peter informs me that he is using a similar pipeline to mine (Poser -> 3d modelling + Magics STL) and he has also used video to fine tune the exact motion he wants.

The works have been really well received at Milan and across the design blogging community.

Peter has so far chosen to mainly depict generic motion segments – eg walking, running, jumping but has also looked at basic sporting sequences and dance sequences. Looking at his work is somewhat uncanny for me as these are exactly what i was intending to do – now they’ve been done i’ll have to concentrate on other areas within this concept that i’d highlighted earlier in the year.
1) continuity of motion (as opposed to Posers discrete steps)
2) full size (as opposed to RP limitation of about 20cm)
3) full color (difficult mapping texture to BooleanUnions)
4) more complex longer? sequences (micro-narratives)

For now i still need to work out the basic first steps – that is making one of Peter’s type of model. I feel pretty confident i’m close to achieving this as Materialise have allowed me to install their product Magics STL on a trial basis – and so far i can see it’s very powerful at repairing STL figures.

Peter’s art has made me think harder about what i’m trying to achieve with this project. All along i suspected that other artist were working this same area – as it was just coming within the realms of technical possibility for an artist. Peter has been looking at depicting human motion for a long time as these earlier pieces show:

The move into rapid prototyping was a natural one for him. On his Human Motion website he has a large range of models for sale and it looks as if he too is working on scaling them up to life-size. It is important that i distinguish my art from his and the most obvious path (and one which was one of the inspirations for my project) is an attempt to record human motion in all its messiness. Peter’s work to date focuses on a clinical scientific observation which is a fascinating and necessary first approach. He too was inspired by the scientific studies of E-J Marey on the one hand but also on the other hand by Duchamp’s Nude descending a staircase and has made a model of that. Looking at the difference between the next two images i’m struck by the gulf between an objective and subjective approach. As Peter is covering the former, i must concentrate on the latter; the human mess in motion.


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