The crux of my problem is MeshBooleanUnion – a process in Rhino that seems to be very particular about what it is trying to BooleanUnion with.

It is happy with geometric forms

But when you give it humans it makes a big mess.

Partly this is because of the dreaded Naked Edges which Poser likes to add around fingernails.

Using ShowEdges you can see the edges, but how to get rid of them?

Lots of them are to do with boundaries between clothes and body, but others are the fancy stuff poser adds into the figure – like eyelashes which are single surfaces.

So i decided to look back at earlier Poser figures – here’s the Nude Woman from Poser 3 – a much simpler model which here is BooleanUnioned successfully with a sphere.

One problem i found (but which i failed to replicate) was that in some poses the woman’s fingers (2+3) crossed in space and were spoiling the BooleanUnion.

This was overcome by splaying the woman’s fingers in Poser before exporting as OBJ files.

Some progress – two women BooleanUnioned in the middle – the problem area was around the face – on a hunch i rotated the second figure so that the heads didn’t intersect at all and managed to achieve my first successful BooleanUnion.

With the un-rotated figure the problem can be seen in the eyelashes and mouth.

In Rhino i used ExtractConnectedMeshFaces to remove the eyelashes – easiest done in Rendered mode.

And using the wireframe render option removed the upper & lower teeth and tongue.
Now when the single woman is saved as a STL file and imported into MiniMagics the figure has the follwing to report (remember when i first checked an STL in Magics it had something like 8000 bad edges):
Inverted Normals = 4
Bad Edges = 0
Shells = 4

This is the first time i’ve got anything this low – so i’m getting somewhere.

Now when BooleanUnioning there are still a few problems, i’ve drawn a yellow line over the second face to show that the problems occur where the second figure extrudes through the first (on both sides). This is the nose tip & the mouth. There are other mouth parts to remove but the nose tip worries me.

Here’s the BooleanUnion imported into MiniMagics – you can see that the thighs for example union fine – but the three gaping holes are the arms and the face. I’m trying to get hold of a copy of Magics RP from Materialize – they’ve allowed me to test the product but the download is broken. In Bristol last week people seemed to think that i should be doing all this ‘repairing’ in that program – (the Mini version can only report problems, not fix them). I’m going to carry on using Rhino for a while – as i feel the models are so problematic that even Magics may have difficulty.


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