08_project presentation

A presentation of my work to Andy Stiff, Keir Williams and the other Part time students.

Introduced the project as being about ‘collapsing time’.

Last Term’s Progress

Planet Of the Apes (1968) collapsed onto a single image.


Each of the 150,000 roughly) frames from the film, contributes a single pixel which are lined up one by one from left to right. So each vertical line constitutes roughly 10 seconds of film footage. The colored strips relate to different scenes in the film. For example the green patch is early on when the humans are chased through the forest by the apes. The pareticular pixel chosen from each frame corresponds to the position on the screen to which it will be added.

Video Studies – Woman walking in ring


Further explorations of the technique used for the MA Forum Video. Here trying combinations where each figure is accompanied by ghost images. Created by individually masking out the women (bottom right) then applying alpha levels on the ghosts and finally then editing algorithmically using Avisynth so the frames play at evry frame – then every second frame – every third…and so on speeding up to play at every possible speed. I’m calling this sort of process ‘long exposure video’.

3D model of man ring


Done for the Telesculpture 07 event in USA (where i still hope to see the piece rendered – a technicians strike has caused delays). Figures were animated and exported from Poser then put together in Rhino 3d and then converted to a STL Stereolithographic file for 3D printing.

The great thing about this was that although the model will be small (about 15cm) the process is possible from start to finish. There are some small rapid prototyping machines at St. Martins which would be great to make use of, also some laser cutting machines at chelsea and here at Camberwell which may also be useful..


This term’s plan

Poser 6 – man running on spot


My aim this term is to coordinate all the people – technicians/universities/industries that i’ll need to help me make these final full size full color models. To do this i need to have a small and concise portfolio of the type of models i’d like to make to explain the idea as clearly as possible. So i need to learn the packages used more thoroughly and then work out a way to present them.

Worldline piece – A Day in the Life of Tim Pickup


To present the portfolio i’ve chosen websites containing Flash content created using Swift 3D. I’ll post more about this later. Basically you can ‘film’ all around an object and then in Flash you can rotate the filmed object in 3D. I’d like to try a major project using these programs which records the worldline of me throughout the course of an entire day at college. So mapping the trail (heavily abstracted) of my activities. The diagram is a crude schematic of how it might look. The camera would focus in on the model of me in realtime through the day.


I’d aim for as much accuracy in terms of scaling as possible so using google earth and plans of the college and my flat. Only the parts of the world i interact with would be rendered, and only as diagrams. The blue line represents only a fraction of the days activities – of me waking up and coming into college. Any points in which i am relatively static (for example now typing this blog) would be a condensed blur of activity traces.


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